Stirred tanks from AST advanced welding


Stirred tanks are typically used for preparation and stirring as well as for heat treatment of products in the food industry. We manufacture our stirred tanks primarily from various stainless steels. The exact area of application is determined by variables such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, weldability, manufacturing effort and durability. Regardless of material and processing, the automated apparatuses reliably ensure greater efficiency and economical production processes in your plant.

Usually, the container is designed to be installed vertically. Both the base and the lid are typically curved. An agitator, a lantern or a motor on the lid and spouts are also part of the agitator vessel. The product is fed into the vessel through an inlet and outlet at the top.

Food industry

Brewey and beverage industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemistry and pertochemistry

Valve industry

Special engineering

Maritime manufacturing

Research and development

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