Highest standards for maximum quality

AST advanced welding is certified according to important national and international guidelines. This way, we can guarantee the adherence to standards and vital quality characteristics.

DIN EN ISO 3834 AD2000 HP0

DGRL 2014 68 EU Modul A/A2

DGRL 2014 68 EU Modul H/H1

DNV Maritime Manufacturer

ASME U-Stamp

We provide quality

Quality is a crucial benchmark for AST advanced welding, reflecting the extent to which the products we manufacture and the services we perform meet our customers' requirements. Whether these requirements relate to functionality, performance or price is irrelevant. The four foundations of our quality strategy are product, personnel, solution and process quality. Our primary goal is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction with cost-optimized processes.

This requires a profound understanding of the customer and demands determined action from all employees. At AST advanced welding, quality management is a continuous, entrepreneurial management task. For the planning, implementation, coordination and systematic monitoring of the quality strategy, we established a documented management system at AST advanced welding, which is continuously refined and improved.